Purpose of Living a Christian Life

Five purposes of living a Christian life as discussed in The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren:
1- Worship God
2- Love God and others
3- Be like Jesus in all we do
4- Be in ministry with God (do the work of the church)
5- Be on mission with God (be His vessels in the mission field to bring others to a relationship with Christ)
We would like to add one more:
6- Pray each day to God to be used to bring yourself and other into a closer relationship with God

4 Questions

1- Where am I barren in my life? (mentally, physically, emotionally, relationships, finances, spiritually)
2- What are my blessings?
3- Where have I been challenged to step out of my spiritual comfort zone this year in glorifying God's work through me?
4- What am I doing with the good news of Jesus Christ in my personal life and in giving that good news to others?

We hope that you will join us this year as we pray to God for answers to these questions in our lives.  

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